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Code Contracts

A few days ago I discovered Code Contracts. It is a tool and a framework that enables us to define constraints on parameters and return values.
For example, here is a simple code :///<summary>
/// Dummy base class
/// </summary>
public class Entity

/// <summary>
/// Simple cache
/// </summary>
static class Cache
private static Dictionary<int,Entity> cachedEntities = new Dictionary<int,Entity>();

public static Entity GetCachedEntity(int entityId)
Contract.Ensures(Contract.Result<Entity>() != null);

return cachedEntities[entityId];

// ...

Notice the use of the Contract class (in the System.Diagnostics.Contracts namespace of the Microsoft.Code Contracts assembly). This class contains methods that we can use to define input constraints (Requires) and output constraints (Ensures).
The Code Contracts framework can perform a static analysis at compile time, and verif…

TechDays 2009

I just came back from the TechDays in Belgium and I saw some truly amazing things coming soon (some are in CTP) like from example :
Windows Azure,PEX, Code Contracts,C# 4.0 and dynamic programingGeneva,and many more.
The one that I found the most interesting was the Geneva Framework/Server for claims based authentication and federated security.

I also got to play (a little) with Microsoft Surface and the only word that can describe it is "Uber-cool" (and expensive unfortunately) :)