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Migrate TFS "Repro Steps" field to the description

I recently decided, for a specific team project, to use the Description field instead of the Repro Steps field in the Bug work item. The main reason is to be able to create reports for both Product Backlog Items and Bugs, while being able to display the full description.

The first step was to migrate the content of the Repro Steps field into the Description field in order to retain data for existing items.
Since it is not possible to do field-to-field bulk update from the Web interface, I had to create a small console application to copy the data.
The main problem I encountered was about inline images. When you copy and paste a screenshot into an HTML field, it creates an img tag with Base64 data in the src attribute.
For an unknown reason, when the data in the src exceeds a certain limit (I don't know the actual value), the src attribute is blanked during the save. Images simply appear blank in the target field.

After some search, I came across this post from RenĂ© van Osnabrugg. …