Visual Studio TFS 2012 and Web Deployment Packages

If you have been using Visual Studio 2010 and TFS to build Web Deployment packages (usable with MS Deploy), there is in the project properties a parameter for the name of the Web application in IIS.
The parameter is available in the Package/Publish Web section under IIS Web site/application name to use on the destination server.
Unfortunately this parameter is not available in Visual Studio 2012.
You can specify it when using the Publish feature (by right-clicking on the project) but if you want to set up builds in TFS, you will end up with an application in IIS with a _deploy suffix.

One possible solution is to add an additional parameter to the MSBuild command to update the IIS Web Application name.
In the process properties of the build definition, update the DeployIisAppPath in the MSBuild arguments:
MSBuild additional arguments

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